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Seven Lands
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Music and lyrics by Dmitry Beloglazov

"Hey man, you better turn back!", said the man in black, "You won't make it, this mountain's too high",
"Those who have tried, they all died, and you look so unprepared, you've no chance to survive",
I raise my head - I'm not dead yet, so I'll climb no matter how high I should rise,
Over the ancient trees,
Over the endless seas,
Over Siberian skies!

Northern storms sing us songs in the winter,
We're Siberian, we're Siberian!
Rills and streams gather into rivers,
Mighty waterfalls.
Every man has his courage and wisdom,
We're Siberian, we're Siberian,
Breaking through blazing fire and blizzard,
Reaching any goals!

I'm at the top of the world, it's so beautiful and cold,
Oh, how lonely's a star...
Hey, down there, will you dare? I can make all your dreams come true, whatever they are.
I'll spread my wings, take a step and I'll fly, no matter how hard I should fall,
In my eternal flight,
In my eternal fight,
I'm a Siberian soul!

Seven Lands
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Music by Dmitry Beloglazov

Seven Lands - Siberian (feat. Street Fiddlers)

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