Falling Star


According to my memos, I started writing this song in the beginning of March 2017. It was supposed to be performed on a live gig with my friends Street Fiddlers. And it was 🙂

I can’t tell for sure what inspired me to write this story, but this is definitely connected with another track to be released soon – “Galaxy Whalers Song” (also known as “Space Tarantella”). While that tarantella shows us how galaxy whalers chase a galaxy whale, Falling Star is supposed to be a song of one of those whalers whose ship was damaged in this chase.

You can find the lyrics here.

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  • Flute: Evgeniya Stanchich
  • Violin: Ekaterina Cheremisova

Special thanks to Susan Markle, Mikhail Astafev, Eugene Odnoval. And Street Fiddlers band for playing it live.

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